Father, Small Businessman, Attorney, and Champion for Hard-working Families

At a very early age, Daryl Parks learned the value of hard work, family, faith, and taking care of your neighbor. Raised by his hard-working single mother, with the help of his grandmother, who taught him to work hard every day and help those in need, these values they instilled guide Daryl to this day.

This drive helped Daryl become the first in his family to graduate from college, a successful small businessman, and one of the most well-known and successful civil rights attorneys in Florida.

As a student at Florida A&M, Daryl earned two bachelor’s degrees while simultaneously being SGA president and working in fast food as a dishwasher. Daryl then earned his law degree at Florida State University School of Law.

Following his creed, “Advocate for the least of thee,” Daryl devoted his legal career to standing up for the rights, safety, and prosperity of hard-working people. Over the last 25 years, he has taken on giant corporations and powerful elites who defraud, abuse, and take advantage of everyday Floridians.

Daryl is running for the Florida Senate to continue fighting for all North Florida families and against political elites who continue to take more of your money, rights, and freedoms.

As an active member in his community and having a single mother himself, Daryl knows families are struggling to make ends meet. He sees what we all see – massive insurance companies and powerful special interests control Tallahassee – they get what they want and you pay the price.

Daryl sees politicians who lack the courage to stand up for the people they work for. He knows if we want to change things, we have to change the people we send to the Capitol.

Daryl will crack down on unfair and illegal price gouging. He will see to it our money stays in our North Florida schools, eliminate wasteful tax handouts, and help ensure every family and small business has a real chance to build a good life.

He will fight to keep politicians out of our private lives, our bedrooms, and our personal family decisions – by protecting fundamental freedoms, reproductive rights, and access to IVF treatments. And he’ll fight against political censorship and unconstitutional book bans.

If you think political elites have too much power…
If you think our leaders are ignoring people in North Florida…
If you think families work harder every day just to make ends meet…
If you’re tired of our freedoms being attacked by out-of-touch politicians…

Then Daryl Parks is who you want fighting for you in the Florida Senate.